Are e-scooters legal?

E-Scooters are NOT illegal but their use is restricted. For example, in Singapore, Road Traffic Act Rule 28 says that "no vehicles are allowed on the sidewalks or pavements". This is an all-encompassing law that includes wheelchairs and bicycles. However, we always advocate safe riding and responsible riding i.e. dismounting in areas of heavy human traffic. There are areas where e-scooters are allowed such as Sentosa and Marina Bay area.


Can I try the scooter before purchasing?

We conduct test drives at our showroom at 2 Alexandra Rd 06-06 Delta House. We also have a trial program where customers are allowed to take home a trial unit to test for the weekend subject to availability of test units. Customers will be required to leave a $500 deposit and each trial is charged at SGD 35/unit per day. If the customer decides to purchase the unit, the trial fee will be waived effectively making the trial free.

To book a home trial, please email us at sales@falconpev.com.sg!


What are your after-sales service?

As the only authorised distributor of Go-Ped products in Southeast Asia, we run a full-service showroom with our own dedicated workshop to handle after-sales service. We offer a 3-mth limited warranty for the Go-Ped kick scooters to cover manufacturing defects and any electrical issues. Electrical coverage extends to the battery, throttle, controller, and motor. When available and if repairs require more than 2 days, we will have a free loan unit for you to take home while your unit is under servicing.


What safety precautions do we have to take when scooting?

At Go-Ped Singapore, we always recommend wearing safety gear like helmets. Each sale is accompanied with a detailed safety briefing on proper scooting etiquette such as dismounting in high human traffic areas, and avoiding potholes and wet surfaces. Unlike larger bicycle tires (20 inch and above), scooter tires are much smaller (typically 6 inches for the kick scooters, and 12 inches for the e-scooters), hence they will not have as much traction under wet weather conditions.


How does Go-Ped compare to the other scooters?

Go-Ped together with Razor scooters, is one of the original brands of motorized scooters. It has a long history of building tough, rugged scooters made of chromoly (carbonized) steel and marine plywood. Starting out with gas-powered scooters in 1985, they started building electric powered scooters after batteries became more compact and dense. Later, using the same rugged frame and quality construction, they built the kick scooters that are well known today as the toughest kick scooters on the market. As compared to Falcon PEV's other brands like the MyWay/Inokim or Zoom Air, the Go-Ped e-scooters have more torque and give the most comfortable ride feel amongst them all. The ESR 750 gives riders the feeling of riding on a bed of cushion with its front and back wheel suspensions. Its chain drive so its technology is abit older than the MyWay/Inokim or Zoom Air and maybe more maintenance is required than a hub motor scooter.


I am new to the e-scooter scene. How can I learn more about e-scooting?

E-scooting has been gaining prominence especially for its ease of use. Riders use it for a variety of purposes such as for commuting and for leisure, or even to chase after their kids on their kids scooters. If you can ride a bicycle, you can ride an e-scooter without much guidance. There are many blogs and forums online that promote the use of e-scooters and their safety. One such blog is from Singapore E-Scooters here. For specialized Go-Ped scooter forums, we have a Go-Ped facebook platform here.