Which one to Choose: E-Bikes or E-Scooters?

E-Bikes Vs Electric Scooters

People who live in congested urban areas are starting to look for simpler, lightweight forms of transportation to get to and from where they need to be. Spending hours per week, stuck in traffic while your car spews out fumes is becoming a pain for a growing number of people, and they are turning to alternative mobility devices like e-bikes and electric scooters as their vehicle of choice.

If you have been thinking about making that switch, you may have wondered which of the two is the best option. Let’s take a closer look at both to help you decide.

Electric Bicycles (E-Bikes)

One of the biggest advantages of e-bikes is that many cities have dedicated bike lanes in place for commuters looking to get about on two wheels. In Singapore, the authorities are building over 700km of park connectors round island for pedestrians and cyclists.

The great benefit here is that it is a lot less dangerous than trying to weave in and out of traffic or feeling that you are too close to the other vehicles on the road when you ride.

Another thing to consider when making this decision is your comfort level. Given that an e-bike comes complete with a seat, you are likely to be a little more comfortable than you would be with an electric scooter.

Despite that comfort, you will still get a decent workout as ebikes that comply with Singapore’s regulation require the use of the pedal assist function rather than a fully automated system. That means the rider would still have to pedal an e-bike for the motor to function.

Cycling has long been considered a great way to stay in shape, and while you won’t have to pedal all the time with an e-bike, you still have the option of getting in a little bit of a workout if you want to by adjusting the power level of the motor.

Electric Scooters (E-Scooters)

As great as e-bikes are, not everyone is able to ride one. While many people learn to ride a bike as a kid, there are also plenty who have never learned. An electric scooter is an excellent option for those folks, as learning to ride on an e-scooter is much easier than learning to ride a bike as an adult.

However, this is also not the only reason to make this particular choice. Safety is a major concern for a lot of people out on the road, which is exactly where you need to be with an e-bike. People who use an electric scooter are able to ride on the sidewalk, which is certainly a safer option than competing for space with 10-ton trucks. In Singapore, e-scooter riders have the choice of using the bike lanes or the sidewalks.

Electric scooters are also designed to be smaller, lighter and easier to manage than an e-bike, to the point where people who work in an office can easily store them under their desk there while they work. This means that there isn’t a concern about needing to find a place to chain up their ride, hoping upon hope that it will still be there when they get out of work at closing time.

A third advantage of e-scooters is that being lower to the ground in a standing position, the e-scooter rider is able to seamless hop on and off the scooter, seamlessly weaving through crowded pedestrian pathways. An ebike user will find dismounting the bike a bit more challenging.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

There are definite pros and cons that need to be weighed when it comes time to make a decision between an e-bike and an electric scooter. Both are great ways to get around without leaving a huge carbon footprint, and both are excellent choices for people looking to get OUTDOORS!

At the end of the day the decision that you make will more than likely come down to a personal choice, and there really isn’t a bad one to make. Hope this article helps you get closer to the your decision.

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