Top 5 E-bike and E-Scooter Accessories

E-Scooter And E-Bike Accessories

What makes an accessory? When it’s an adornment that makes your life better but not a critical functionality to make the overall system work. There are literally hundreds of accessories you can choose from for your e-scooter or e-bike. Sgscooters surveyed our readers and came up with a list of the Top 5 Most popular accessories:

1. Lock ’em Up! With Abus Bordo

With the cost of each e-scooter north of $600, investing in a secure lock to protect your vehicle is the most astute thing you can do.

One of the more popular locks is the Abus Bordo, a foldable lock that unfolds into a 90cm steel link or folds up compactly into the size of your palm. It comes with a holder that can be velcro strapped to your ebike’s horizontal bar or e-scooter’s vertical stem.

The Abus Bordo is just a very handy lock to have around. For lightweight snobs, it may be on the heavier side at 1kg due to the high tensile steel links Abus uses. However, these steel links are virtually uncuttable unlike the coil locks that most people use so the extra weight is a small compromise.


The Abus Bordo retails at $88 SGD.

2. Brake Fast with Hydraulic Brakes

“What is the difference between hydraulic brakes and the stock mechanical disc brakes?” That is one question that can be answered with another “What is night and day”. The smoothness, and ease of braking (we call it one-finger braking) on the hydraulic system with an integrated power cutoff sensor will make having to grip on your brake levers just to slow down a thing of the past.

However, not all scooters can be fitted with a hydraulic brake system. Only scooters with a disc brake system can be fitted. Some e-scooters only come with an electrical brake or drum brake system which does not allow the hydraulic brake installation.

Another advantage is that hydraulic brakes require virtually no maintenance. The fluid reservoir in the levers will adjust the braking power automatically. The brake pads do need to be changed and the hydraulic fluid does need to be drained and replaced once in awhile.

Hydraulic brake set with installation typically costs around $250-350 SGD depending on the quality of the brake set.

3. Stand it up! With Trolley Kit

It’s peak hour traffic and people are trickling flooding into the subway train. You need to find a place to park your e-scooter without tripping someone over or attracting disgusted looks. That’s happened to us many times over.

With the trolley kit, you can stand your e-scooter upright and close to you. You don’t ever feel like such a sinner having to apologize a thousand times to your fellow commuters. Furthermore, the small wheel attachments allow you to easily trolley the scooter around without having to carry the full weight of the scooter.

The trolley kit retails for $180 SGD.

4. Juice it Up! With Battery Upgrade

We are genuinely baffled when asked if we can do 100km on the e-scooter. Now, e-scooters are very much urban vehicles so we do not know why doing 100km on an e-scooter is necessary. How many starbucks runs is that??

Whatever your reasons, you can now achieve that additional mileage by installing external batteries to your scooter or upgrading your standard battery packs. The packs are secured in a waterproof hard case with foam lining and that hard case has to be mounted to your scooter.

There will be a switch that allows you to toggle between your primary battery and your external battery. The battery indicator on your battery will reflect the health of the current battery in use. Just be careful to give your motor and legs a rest. They aren’t built for those 100km journeys.

Custom battery packs range from $499 to a Panasonic 6.8Ah battery pack to $699 for a 10.4Ah pack. The battery packs do become cheaper if you use China cells or Samsung cells. Panasonic cells are seen as the gold standard amongst Li Ion battery cells hence the price.

5. Phone Holder For the Always Connected

Do you find yourself having to stop and fumble to pick up a call whilst riding? With the convenient Bone Bike Tie phone holder, you can answer calls while riding. The silicone strap ons are extremely easy to secure and remove in seconds.

A limitation is that it does not fit phones as large as the iPhone 7. Also, it isn’t waterproof so if riding in the rain is something you do, it’s better to keep your eyes on the slippery road rather than on the phone.


The Bike Tie Phone holder retails at $32 for the standard silicone strap and $85 for the powerbank version.

So there you have it — the Top 5 most popular accessories and upgrades e-scooter and e-bike enthusiasts have. If you have any feedback on what other accessories you want us to feature or review, do drop us a message!





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