Review of the All New Inokim Mini

The Lightest Inokim Ever Built

Inokim, known as the pioneer in e-scooters, is about to launch their latest AND lightest product — the all New Inokim Mini.


The Mini comes in 2 versions, the cruise mode version which only has a less powerful 24V drive train system and the throttle version which has a more powerful 36V drive train. The best part of the whole deal, the PRICE. Starting from $599, it is the most affordable Inokim scooter available.

The target audience for the Mini is the commuter who needs a last mile solution and given its light weight (8.5kg), the Mini would greatly appeal to the LADIES! Finally, an e-scooter that is beautifully designed specially made for the ladies.

NYLON magazine, a female-centric beauty and lifestyle magazine, recently reviewed the Inokim Mini and this is what they have to say about the Mini.

“The travel solution for lazy folks and folks who hate to sweat…”. Yes, thats most of us.

Check out the Inokim Mini launch here:

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