Introducing the Xiaomi Mijia

The Best Budget Electric Scooter

Following the launch of the Xiaomi Mini after their investment into self-balancing emobility company Ninebot, Xiaomi has continued her unrelenting quest to dominate all hardware platforms including smart TV, mobile phones, air purifiers, powerbanks and e-mobility.

Xiaomi’s investment into Ninebot and the subsequent launch of the Xiaomi mini in 2016 enabled Xiaomi to gain an important foothold into the personal mobility sphere. Their investment bankrolled the acquisition of Segway USA to combine the 2 largest self-balancing technology companies in the world.

Now, Xiaomi has pulled the latest rabbit out of her bottomless hat with the launch of one of the most affordable yet elegantly beautiful electric scooter called the Mijia. As with every Xiaomi product, the Mijia was designed bottom up with every piece part originally designed and engineered for this escooter.

Best part of every Xiaomi product is affordability. And the Mijia has affordability and ease of maintenance built into it.


There is no LCD but interfaces with a smartphone app to give real time information including battery health status. This reduces any maintenance issues to do with broken LCD panels.

The front wheel drive with electronic regenerative braking is activated by a traditional bicycle brake lever, which is an improvement over the etwow’s thumb throttle style brakes. The single brake lever activates both the front electronic braking and rear disc brakes.

The integrated front and rear/braking headlights of the Mijia means that few accessories are needed for this machine. Its a very well thought through product.

Few Moving Parts

Also there is no telescoping or extendable handlebar wither. It is a fixed height stem so there are fewer moving parts. The handlebars are not foldable either which lends to its rigidity. Overall, these design considerations actually made the Mijia a more affordable yet fairly rugged electric scooter.


However, a surprising inclusion is its rear disc brake which could see a few warped discs for owners since small disc rotors are known to bend very easily. We have seen quite a few online complaints of rubbing disc rotors already.

That is however just a small issue which can be easily rectified with a little bit of DIY tune up fix once you purchase the mijia parts. There are a few self-help tutorials to teach riders how to tune and fix their Mijias.

Overall, we rate the Xiaomi Mijia the Best Budget Electric Scooter in the market today.

Check out the Mijia here:

The All New Xiaomi Mijia is now available at Falcon PEV and retails for $699.

***Sept 2017 UPDATE***

The Xiaomi Mijia although rated IP54 for water resistance, does not in fact protect against water all that well. There has been many cases of water getting into the electronic controls on the handlebar resulting in damage of the whole system. After sales parts are also expensive, hard to find and after sales support and warranty is almost non-existent.

Sgscooters have revised our recommendation for a good budget electric scooter to the Inokim Mini, which comes with good after sales support and a much more affordable price at $599 SGD.


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