2017 ETWOW Booster Plus Review

Comparing the new ETWOW Booster Plus vs the Zoom Air 2

In 2013, a Romanian engineer by the name of Sorin started the ETWOW (pronounced “E2”) company with the goal of developing the lightest, most portable electric scooter in the market.

ETWOW’s (“E2”) first model — the ETWOW s1 was 9.8kg, which was unheard of at that time and set the standard for lightweight e-scooters. However, that s1 model was electrically unstable due to the compactness of the product. ETWOW as always was quick to respond and quickly replaced it with the S2.


The 2nd model, the ETWOW S2, was slightly heavier at 10.7kg but was much more stable and hence, hugely popular due to the ability to lock the stem and trolley the scooter. Branded as Zoom Air 2, ETWOW developed a very appealing follow up product that commuters could easily ride, fold and bring on the train and into their offices.


Early 2017, ETWOW launched a more powerful version of the S2, called the ETWOW Booster Plus which addressed some of the problems the Zoom Air 2 had: 1. Lack of power to climb slopes 2. Slippery tires 3. Soft suspension 4. Lack of rear lights and braking lights 5. Jerky acceleration.

All of these issues have been addressed in the latest Booster Plus version.



Upgrades in ETWOW Booster Plus

How is the ETWOW Booster Plus a more complete scooter compared to the Zoom Air 2? We detail the list of things that have improved on the ETWOW Booster Plus.

1. A Lot More Power

Zoom Air users always needed more kick up the slopes and this is where the ETWOW Booster Plus solved the power problem. The Zoom Air 2 had a 24V 250W motor and the Booster Plus amp-ed up the motor power to 36V 500W. This allowed users to climb up 15 degree slopes or more unlike the old Zoom Air which could do at most 5-10 degree slopes.

2. Smoother Acceleration

Another common complaint about the Zoom Air 2 was the jerky acceleration. The initial push when starting off always threw the beginner rider slightly off balance because of the surge in power. This wasn’t a big issue after a few rounds around the park.

However, to make it even simpler for beginners, the Booster Plus has now come with an even smoother acceleration curve, intended to not throw anyone off balance. This makes the Booster Plus a very appealing entry level electric scooter for the masses.

3. Better Tires

The original Zoom Air 2 tires were made of a very slick Polyurethane (PU) material that is more commonly used on kick scooters. Many victims have had their bottoms (and egos) bruised more than once when attempting to navigate the Zoom Air on a wet day.

For the Booster Plus, ETWOW developed a PU tire that is coated with a rubber composite with deeper threading to wick away water. This greatly improves the grip and overall safety of the ETWOW.


Also, as an after market add-on, the ETWOW developed an even better solid rubber tire that provides even more grip but due to the softness of the rubber, compromises the range of the scooter.

If you still find the e-twow solid rubber tire too tiring on the body, a pneumatic air tire after-market option is also available but it requires some installation.

4. Stiffer Suspension

The Booster Plus has a higher standing deck compared to the Zoom Air 2 providing more ground clearance. This higher standing deck isn’t just for clearing the odd hump on the road. It also allows for a larger and stiffer suspension to be added. This allowed the rider the navigate each hump or bump on the road without scratching the bottom of the deck.

The Zoom Air 2 had a set of softer front and rear suspension, that upon hitting a bump, really sunk low to the ground, causing the bottom of the deck to be scratched.

5. More Lights!

The New LCD panel of the Booster Plus lights up like a Christmas Tree (literally). The new colored display isn’t just for fun or aesthetics. It makes it easier for the rider to see the display even in strong sunlight. The older LCD display on the Zoom Air 2 was difficult to see under the glare of the sun.


The integrated front lights are of course ever present in the ETWOW as with the Zoom Air 2. However, there is now integrated rear lights which flashes in intensity when the brake is activated. The brake lights are activated when either the front brake throttle or the rear fender step brake is depressed. This was missing in the Zoom Air 2.

Worthy Upgrade

The ETWOW Booster Plus is deemed a worthy upgrade to the ever popular Zoom Air 2 after a month of trials by Sgscooters. If it was a boxing match, for its weight class (<12kg), the Booster Plus has no equals in terms of reliability, performance and comfort.

The Booster Plus is the best portable electric scooter pound for pound. The best part about it is, it is extremely value for money. The ETWOW Booster Plus, despite its upgrades and improvements, is going for the same price as what the Zoom Air 2 was going for, $1099!

The ETWOW Booster Plus is exclusively distributed by Falcon PEV. Trade-ins for the Zoom Air 2 are currently being offered.


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